Wearing used or second hand clothes is a sin

Many people on Facebook and other popular social media platforms shared their thoughts and observations about how nowadays some self acclaimed men of God spew out cabbage from their mouths while asking if indeed they are really genuine.

The whole stuff got frenzy when self styled Apostle Yanick Aka, posted on Facebook that, those who have been wearing used or second hand clothes have been possessed by satanic powers since such spiritual forces are dominant and are found in used dresses.

According to him, demonic entities move in circles hence the possibility of contracting them if you are fond of using used clothes in your life even though he could not clearly state the kind of clothing has been adorning himself with and that of his nuclear family.

Netizens could not take kindly to his unfounded and baseless remarks since there is no iota of truth contained in his thoughts. After sharing such antiquated mentality, those who realised of his erroneous impressions, did not wait to allow him spewing trash from his mouth any longer but rather, jumped into his throat before he continues blindfolding the gullible in the society.

While others are asking if such thoughts expressed by him, are the statements or words he has been feeding his followers with because of his weird and thoughtless ridicule of those who have been using second hand clothes.

It is the same second hand clothes that some people are using as business activities while feeding their families and friends but this so called self acclaimed Apostle Yanick Aka, decided to put sand into the gari of others as they could not take lightly, his frivolous assertion which he could not quote any reliable scripture in the Holy Bible to support his vile claims.

It has become a worrying trend as some people continue to call themselves as men of God as their engage themselves in all sorts of filthy and criminally intent activities which even those in the world would tell you that they are rather better than such individuals claiming to be called by God.


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