Wedded woman who went on Date rush has been exposed.

Date rush

The conjugal status of another Date Rush member who professes to be single and looking for a date has been uncovered in the wake of showing up on the TV3 famous program.

Nana Adwoa showed up on TV3 Date rush Sunday, May 15, 2022, sending the ten men who had arranged in front of an audience and watchers into a craze with her huge butt.

Date rush

In her profile video, she said she possessed a gym center and a pub yet the main thing missing in her life was a man as her past relationship with her ex ended their journey after she figured out he was going behind her back with another woman.

The 24-year-old voluptuous woman chose Raymond as her date, which left one of her admirers nearly in tears that he wasn’t picked all things considered.

Later we realized that Nana Adwoa is a married lady with a youngster.

Obviously, Nana Adwoa got married in the year 2021 at Konongo in the Ashanti Region to a new to the scene artist notable as 2 Shy, who presently lives abroad.

The spouse’s name might ring a bell in the ears of numerous music sweethearts on account of his one-time hit song named Azonto Girl.

It is quickly not satisfactory why a wedded Nana Adwoa showed up on the program implied for single individuals searching for certifiable love and expected connections.

This stunning disclosure has left many individuals jaw-dropped, particularly after it comes just a short time after 2 Shy was uncovered over a comparative episode.

Following the turn of events, a few normal watchers of the TV3 program have blamed the coordinators for not doing a reasonable level of investigation to try out people truly not in that frame of mind of relationship.

Others have contended that the show is slowly losing its importance as it has been changed into a stage to launch individuals to popularity short-term.

Below are some of her wedding photographs:

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