Wendy Shay Descends On Her Haters

Wendy Shay

During a performance at her Shay Concert, singer Wendy Asiamah Addo, also known as Wendy Shay, opened fire on her detractors.

The female musician in Ghana who receives the most trolling, Wendy Shay, has said that her detractors “look like Insult.”

Wendy described her difficult musical path, which was marked by trolls and name-calling.

She advised her followers to draw motivation from her experience and pursue their goals in spite of all obstacles.

Shay believed that if she could take being labelled unattractive, talentless, and aimless, anyone could.

The Wendy Shay Story

Wendy Shay was signed to the same record label, Rufftown records as the late Dancehall Songstress, Ebony Reigns.

Unfortunately for Miss Shay, she was signed at the time when the death of Ebony Reigns was still fresh on the hearts of Ghanaians.

The fan base somehow turned their grief into hate for her as Ebony’s replacement.


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