When Disaster Strikes You, It Looks As If God Does Not Exist – says Heward Mills

The founder of the Lighthouse Group of Churches, Bishop Dag Heward Mills in a state of distraught, openly stated that, things will happen alright but when certain things occur, it appears as though there is no Supreme God even though there is a Living God but things transpire in such a way.

The spiritual leader, who could not hold himself up after the tragic demise of his biological 31 year old medical practitioner in the UK declared that when he held another fiery prayer session for Ghana at the Independence Square in Accra on Monday.

According to the religious leader, the death of his beloved son, has sent strong echoes into his bone marrow as if he is not a man of prayer or the God in whom he believes does not exist any longer or He God is vehemently angry at him for something.

He narrated, he can not fathom what exactly God needs from him that he does not do before He allowed his son to kick the bucket in that sorrowful manner without any given prompt or a revelation as he emotionally broke down in tears uncontrollably.

Bishop Dag Heward Mills had a crusade at Black Stars Square on Good Friday but it was the same day that death snatched his dear son, Dr. David Heward Mills.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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