Winner’s church sack branch pastors for not making enough money

Pastor Peter Godwin, a pastor with the Living Faith Church International, prevalently known as Winners Chapel, says the congregation fired him and around 40 different ministers in Ekiti State for neglecting to develop their particular wards.

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In a letter that has been moving via online media, which is dated June 25, 2021 and endorsed by the Executive Secretary of the congregation, Adebisi Aboluwade, the ministers were approached to vacate the premises of the church and hand over their identity cards to their individual regional ministers.

Please be informed that your services as a pastor in charge are no longer required in this commission with immediate effect.

The minister said that, on July 1, he got a call that the state minister needed to see him, and that he was astonished to see around 40 different ministers when he showed up.

“They likewise disclosed to me that the complete pay that is being created from my station ought to have the option to cater for my government assistance and convenience, so because of low pay, I’m thus excused.”


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