Woman ends her one-month-old marriage after she finds this on her husband’s phone….

A recent bride who found some extremely upsetting videos of her husband cancelled their one-month marriage.

Aya Kleo, a Nigerian media celebrity, tweeted this upsetting information and described how the newlywed learned of her husband’s unethical behavior.

Aya claims that the unnamed woman discovered tapes of her husband engaging in sexual activity with young boys.

The wife, who was disgusted by the videos ended the marriage and reported him to the Chief of the community.

Aya tweeted; “This marriage thing is getting scarier o, because you don’t even know what to expect. Wedding of one Egbon Adugbo that I went to last month has scattered because, the wife saw multiple disturbing videos of her husband having sex with underaged boys!!! God Abeg.

Even the baale (town chief) of my area has sent people out to look for him. He has packed few of his clothes and disappeared from the area. I hope they find him fr and make him face the law”.

Woman end one month marriage

According to sources, the husband identified as Egbon Adugbo ,is currently at large as the Town Chief of the area is in search of him.



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