Woman who stood by husband when he was jobless and broke shares how it finally paid off


Dorothy Tamuno, a happily married woman, has received praise from internet users after she took to Twitter on Valentine’s Day to share her awe-inspiring love story.

She met her husband at a wedding, according to the London-based Nigerian beauty, and slid into his DM to give him her number.

Dorothy stated that they began dating after talking for a while, despite the fact that he did not work or have enough money to spend on her. She claimed that her boyfriend’s broke status compelled her friends to constantly mock her.

Apparently, things improved after they married, and her previously jobless boyfriend – who is now her husband – gave her a Rolex watch for Valentine’s Day.

“We met at a wedding, I slid in his dm’s, gave him my number, started dating, but he didn’t have a job, so our dates consisted of Mcdonalds savers menu and long walks. My friends laughed at me. My now husband just gifted me a Rolex for valentines day,” she captioned a photo of them that she shared on Twitter.

Dorothy treasures the tens of thousands of dollar timepiece because her husband’s then-boyfriend couldn’t even afford a regular McDonald’s meal.

The post sparked a flood of comments, of which GHPage has sampled a few below.

Cherub: when you truly love someone. You just want to stick around through thick and thin. I don’t mean any pride, just love.

Ifyyodunze: Just run your own race! What your friends say is none of your business. If it’s a loss or gain, only you will feel it; they will only talk about it. However, this should only be for men who are serious about it. Congratulations

Pasiphae: Thank goodness you didn’t yield to your friends laughing at you. You gathered what you had and now this beautiful never ending happiness. God will continue to bless you two

Ryan: I’m glad you brushed off what your friends said – having money is not what determines compatibility! You both deserve to do big things