Wontumi Tv/Radio Stations Caught In Massive Power Fraud

Wontumi Tv/Radio

Numerous number of companies belonging to the Ashanti regional chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP, Antwi Bosiako popularly known as Chairman Wontumi, have been exposed over massive electricity theft in the region.

Chairman Wontumi is the owner of Wontumi and Radio stations in the Ashanti. The man who recently won his second term bid to be the chairman of the ruling party, has been uncovered for illegally connecting to the national grid without recourse to the procedures involved.

This brings to light, the kind of political leaders we have currently in the country and if you do not awake, the kinds of fraudulent activities that are being undertaken by such people against the people of Ghana, you will be living in your own paradise.

Chairman Wontumi, a renowned business mogul, who is always celebrated because of his undisclosed wealth even though some say he is into gold dealing, has now been brought low into the limelight for doing the irresponsible.

It is clear to some people in the country now as to how such individuals are milking the country dry for their own parochial interest without thinking of tomorrow and those who must also be part of the national kitty.

It is quite baffling how popular acclaimed billionaire could intentionally evade paying his utilities thereby resulting to the means of an illegality and there is nothing that would be done to him to serve as a deterrent to others to avoid doing or committing themselves in such nefarious injustices in the country because they are thinking that they hold the mantle of the country and thus nobody can hold them to account.

It is high time such celebrated rich and wealth men and women in the country whose financial sources are not actually known or declared to the general public investigated to make the citizens aware of those crooked and unreliable people claiming to be genuine in the country.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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