You don’t need to speak ‘Patois’ before you do Reggae Music – Kinaata


Kofi Kinaata claims that some people think one needs to be able to speak Jamaican patois in order to perform reggae music.

The Fante singing musician remarked that despite leaving out the basic patois from his new song, Effiakuma Love, he is confident that his audience will still find it compelling.

He explained, “There were a lot of things that led me to do Effiakuma Love, especially when you pay close attention to the lyrics and vibes I employed in the song.

“Some people think that you have to be able to speak the Jamaican patois or a certain language before you can do reggae but I sung in Fante on a reggae beat,” Kinaata told Amansan Krakye seen by

He continued on Cape Coast-based Property FM “Singing in the local dialect on a reggae beat has made a lot of people relate more to Effiakuma Love song and besides I was talking about a love message.

“There are so many aspects of love but I chose a certain part to highlight on a girl who is outspoken and able to explain herself but people misconstrue her confidence for arrogance,” he concluded.