You Lie Too Much! Moesha Boduong responds to Afia Schwarzenegger's threat to beat her

Moesha Bodoung has responded to the comedienne’s threat to beat her bloody over some remarks she made.

During an interview with Sammy Kay, Moesha Bodoung categorically denied rumors that she was ill and had a mental breakdown.

She blamed Afia Schwarzenegger for aiding in the spread of rumors that she was ill, which irritated Afia.

Afia slammed Moesha for the video, claiming that she had witnesses present at the time of her diagnosis and that she even paid for some of her treatment.


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Schwarzenegger claimed that sick Moesha slapped her once, but she did not respond, adding, Afia went on to say that Moesha ought to refrain from mentioning her daughter’s name. “If it weren’t for your illness, I would have beat the crap out of you the day you slapped me!”

Moesha responded to Afia’s post in the comments, calling her a liar once more!



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