Young Man Who Has Been Cheating On His Wife Shares His 99.9% Cheating Method [Read]


Upon all the dating and courtships before marriage, some partners (women or men) sometimes cheat in marriage.

Now, my question is between men and women who cheat more in relationships or marriages?

Young man has taken to Facebook sharing his 99.99% cheating trick he has been using on his weeded wife.

I have a girlfriend who is a police officer, she comes to my house in uniform and arrested me in presence of my wife and takes me to her house till the next day when she misses me.

She then brings me back and tells my wife that, “we are not done with investigations yet. I shall pick him up anytime we want more from him”

And my innocent wife will always says: madam officer, God blesses you for handling my husband’s case with care. I will make sure he is always available anytime you need him.



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