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Police Officers Denied Any Wrong Doing In Murdering Albert Donkor But Urged Calm.

The police administration in the Nkoranza district has denied any wrong doing in the murder charges slapped them with by the town dwellers. In a statement, the officers clarified that, they were not the ones who killed Albert Donkor but rather, he died of natural causes. The police officers further reiterated that, the earlier report circulated on social media by some...

Calm Returns To Nkoranza After Albert’s Murder-Traditional Council claims.

The Nkoranza Traditional Council, has allayed the fears of people shunning away from the town after the brutal murder of a youth activist in the area. According to the Traditional Council, since the killing of their relative erupted, they could not have the throats to drink water into them because, the community members have been on their necks to bring...

Horror As Gunmen Took Over Binduri.

It was a horrific scene all in the township of Binduri, when unknown gunmen besieged the town guns and machetes. The unknown gunmen suspected to be members of some terrorists group, have taken over by the entire community, butchering whoever they met on their sights. People in the community have fled from the town for fear of being killed as...

Bullion Van Robbery, Police Officer Caught.

The raging debate on who should be accusing fingers be pointed at when it comes to stealing and robbing people of their goods, has resurfaced as another police officer and his accomplice have been caught red handed involving in bullion van robbery. A police officer stationed at Wa in the Upper West region under the regional command, Constable Nelson Tettey...

Doctor Robbed Under Operations In Western Region.

A medical doctor has been robbed of his belonging while undertaking operations to save the live of an ailing patient from dying. A surgeon attached to one of the top hospitals in the Western Region of Ghana, was been robbed secretly by some unknown criminals whose aim was to enjoy life without sweating. Though they succeeded in looting from the...

Business Mogul Terrorises Ridge Residents With Tiger 2.

As Ghanaians continue to register their apprehension of insecurity in Ghana and other parts of the West African sub regions, a powerful business magnate has caused fear and panic in the lives of people who live around North Ridge, a suburb of Accra. Residents who dwell at Ridge, near the British High Commission, are having a sleepless night due to...

S3ks starved Stephanie Benson welcomes her husband with a strap

Stephanie Benson
Stephanie Benson is very eccentric and spontaneous but she just took these traits to a different level after what we found her doing on Twitter a few minutes ago. Despite her age (54), Stephanie Benson have the kind of sex appeal that attracts men who are way younger than her. Stephanie set Twitter on fire on Thursday when she shared hot...

Karimenga Youth Chased Out Police Officers, Burnt Checkpoints.

The youth in the North East region of Ghana in an area called, Kameringa, have battled it out with the police security forces mandated to maintain law and order. According to the youth in the area, the police officers sent to the community to protect their lives, are doing nothing except to go on rampage and shoot indiscriminately. They chased out...

Rev Father Threatens Police With Deity Over The Murder Nkoranza Youth.

The death of Albert Donkor, a youth activist in the Nkoranza district still continues to provoke the thoughts of some people in the country. A Rev Father coming from the Catholic Church, is threatening the police officers in the region to unravel the killers of Albert Donkor else they are going to incur his bloody wrath. A Catholic Church Rev...

Public Procurement Authority Boss Stole Money From Frozen Accounts.

The massive corruption scandal that had shaken the nerves of Ghana involving the former boss of public procurement authority, has taken a new twist as all the secret frozen he had, had been used without the knowledge of the police officers. The bank accounts of Adjenim Bosteng Adjei, had been frozen to prevent him from withdrawing money from the accounts...