8 Slaughtered In Togo As Militants Invade Territories.

Many people in Togo, have lost their lives as forces believed to be terrorists attacked dozens. The forces took over many places under civilian control...

Nigerian Christians Association Seeks Justice For The Slain Deborah Samuel.

The news of the murder of a female Christian student of Sokoto training college who was burnt alive cruelly by some people believed to...

Gunmen Abduct Dozens In Kano As 6 Killed.

The Islamic militants in the Nigeria state of Kano, have opened fire on innocent civilians in the community killing at least six while countless...

Nigerian Student Burnt Alive For Blasphemy

There was a chaotic scene in the Nigerian town of Sokoto where such an ugly spectacular event took place. In the state college of...

The Key Thing That Made Ghana Very Popular Around The world

The Republic of Ghana, is a country in West Africa. It spans the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Ghana shares...
Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu Calls Cops For Ben 10 After He Did This To Her

Zodwa Wabuntu is a South African socialite and entertainer who isn't frightened to act normally, and it's one of the qualities that helped her...

The US Embassy Is Forcing South Africa To Choose A Side After Saying This

The West continue to show that they are the cancer to this world and that they are great manipulators, now read what is happening...

Couple arrested for kidnapping day-old baby boy from hospital and throwing party to celebrate...

A couple have been arrested by the Kano State Police Command for kidnapping a day-old baby from a hospital in the state.

Police arrest 3 notorious armed robbers

RRS Operatives arrest armed robbers. The arrested suspects, Samuel Akabueze (31yrs), of 34, Valentine Obasi Street, Idimu Road and Onuoha Joshua (37yrs),...

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigns after harassment allegations

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped down on Tuesday, amid mounting allegations of sexual harassment. The Democratic governor...