Born-again Christian, Moesha Buduong smoking at a nightclub (Video)

Ghanaian celebrity, Moesha Buduong recently declared that her near-death experience in 2022 had led to her becoming a born-again Christian.

After her declaration that she is a born-again Christian, a lot of people online have criticized Moesha for her public behavior.

Moesha doesn’t seem to care what is said about her in the media, despite the fact that everyone is always following her every action.

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She seems to be changing the norms that everyone feels a new member of the Christian fraternity must adhere to and follow religiously while she develops a distinctive route for herself as a born-again Christian.

She recently made headlines for dancing seductively at a nightclub as if the holy spirit had taken possession of her and made her the center of attention.

Moesha stirred up conversation on social media once more when she smoked an electric cigarette live on her Instagram page.

Watch Video Below;