Cheating Is Normal In Marriage, Know This And Know Peace – Empress Gifty Tries To Justify Her Miserable Marriage

Empress Gifty

Empress Gifty Adorye, a gospel singer from Ghana, asserts that cheating is common in marriage and that those who embrace this would have happy marriages.

During a radio interview, Empress made this assertion, and a video of it has since surfaced online.

She believes that since everyone cheats when they are married, you should just accept it as a fact of life.

If you realize that, she claimed, you will be prepared for any inevitable infidelity by your mate.

Yet, if you imagine your partner to be an angel and they lie, that’s when you start to feel heartbroken.

Empress’ advice seemingly comes from her own life – her husband has reportedly cheated on her multiple times and she’s on record at least once fighting his side chicks publicly!

This advice is akin to having a sickness and claiming everyone else on earth also has your sickness!

Small wonder netizens aren’t going along with her claims, with one writing: “Cheating is not part of marriage baa… madam Gifty, maybe you can accept it in your own marriage but please don’t generalize it,”