“Created by God maintained by money” – Mya Jesus

Mya Jesus

Mya Jesus, a 24-year-old socialite and businesswoman, announced her engagement to her 50-year-old partner, sending the internet into a frenzy.

Mya Jesus made the shocking revelation that she had just been seeing her husband for a month when she first told him about her.

According to Mya Jesus, her spouse is the nicest thing that has ever happened to her. He is a lovely, God-fearing man.

After their union, Netizens assert that Mya chose to wed the man not out of love but rather because of his fortune.

Since her marriage, Mya Jesus has maintained a quiet profile. Although she may have valid reasons, she doesn’t stay off social media for long.

The socialite’s most recent post has sparked yet another uproar. Mya appeared in a recent video wearing a long, sensual black gown.

What has caused the stir is the caption she attached to the video. Mya Jesus wrote; “Classic, created by God maintained by money ?”

Netizens have deduced that Mya wants to establish that she can only be maintained by money, meaning if should (by any unfortunate means) her husband go broke, she’ll leave him.

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