Delay Dragged After Claiming There’s Nothing Wrong In Wearing Cheap Clothes


Delay, contentious media figure, is currently making waves.

Delay, who is renowned for speaking her mind and doing what she believes to be right, says it’s okay to dress frugally.

Taking to Twitter, Delay wrote; ‘Wearing unbranded clothes and cheap clothes doesn’t mean you’re poor, remember you have a family to feed, not a community to impress‘

Some of her admirers have criticized her for wearing cheap Togo clothing in response to her assertion. In all of her images, Delay always sports a natural appearance with minimal makeup. She doesn’t really go above and beyond to lavish money on her appearance.

Maybe that’s why some of her fans think she dresses cheaply.

Delay, however, recently disclosed at a mentorship program that she achieved financial freedom and rose from nothing to a hero.