Did You Borrow Hulk Hogan’s Outfit? – Charlie Dior Roasts Wendy Shay Over Multicolored Outfit To Event

Wendy Shay

Singer Wendy Shay was put through hell by fashion critic Charlie Dior, who brutally murdered her in one of his scathing reviews.

Wendy Shay received criticism from Dior for how she appeared at a recent event when she performed.

At a recent event, Wendy was scheduled to perform for a number of dignitaries, including ostensibly some kings and queens.

Then she showed up wearing a vibrant, multicolored gown that Dior argues was inappropriate for the setting.

In a recent video, the fashion critic called Shay out for showing up to such a significant event looking like a WWE wrestler.

Dior trolled Shay, asking her if she borrowed her outfit from the wrestler Hulk Hogan.

He called for security to come and tow her away for disprespecting the laws of fashion!

Dior’s video once more was hilarious and drew lots of amused reactions from fans.

Watch Charlie Dior bash Wendy Shay below…