GH lady reveals how Hajia4Real tried to scam her lawyer ‘obroni’ husband (Video)


After Hajia4Real was extradited to the US from the UK for allegedly taking part in a $ 2 million romance fraud, A woman from Ghana has publicly accused the socialite of attempting to defraud her of her lawyer husband.

According to the woman who has since gained notoriety on social media, Hajia4Real made numerous attempts to trick her husband into emptying his bank account for her but sadly failed.

She described how Hajia4Real had deceived her spouse by saying that he had taken her number while they were out together at an Accra Chinese casino.

Her bewildered husband initially believed that one of his wife’s friends was trying to fool him, but after speaking with his Ghanaian wife, they discovered that she was a major internet scammer.

The woman criticized social media users who are presently defending Hajia4real despite being aware that she is a fraud in the video.

She characterized Hajia4real as a nasty and evil person who deserved no mercy of any kind.