“I couldn’t help it” – Man grabs Korra Obidi’s backside at the gym [Video]

Korra Obidi

A man overstepped his boundaries and touched famed Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, after he was carried away when the two were sensually immersed in a dance at the gym.

Recently, the mother-of-two and divorcee posted a pornographic dance video with the man she only referred to as “Mr. Coleman” on social media.

The video clip featured Korra performing stunning dancing movements with a healthy-looking man.

When they danced, Korra, who was dressed in sports bra and jeans, knelt down in front of Coleman and began to whimper her waist sensually.

They all started laughing as Mr. Coleman, who was standing quite near to Korra Obidi, grabbed her behind and sent her running.

The man could be heard defending himself, explaining that seeing Korra’s rear caused him to act in the way that he did since he was unable to resist it.

Sharing the video online, Korra wrote, “Is @mr_coleman777 cancelled for this?#knockonwood Video Loading.”