“I’m not scared to criticize him” McBrown Speaks on How She Handles Husband’s Faults and Bad Behaviours

McBrown Discusses How She Deals With Her Husband’s Mistakes and Bad Behavior.

Internet users now have a glimpse into Nana Ama McBrown’s relationship with her husband, Mr. Maxwell Mensah.

The wise media personality claimed that marriage needs a wife to surrender to her husband, which she does, while speaking to some students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

According to McBrown, she finds ways to spoil her husband and give him his proper place as the head of the household, but she also criticizes him for his shortcomings.

McBrown said she issues two warnings to her husband before reacting, which is typically not in a kind way, to his shortcomings and bad behavior.

She continued by saying that she would report him to his father if that particular tendency continued for one more time.

“I acknowledge my spouse as the head of the household and submit to him in that role. I am a wife at home, not a celebrity. I know how to handle every situation. For instance, if I get home and see that my spouse is hungry, I try to cheer him up. I act rapidly to fix that problem and calm him down.

“But this doesn’t mean I won’t bring it up when he gets home from the club at three in the morning. No! I’ll give him two warnings before striking a third time. I’ll be rude. His father will learn about it when it happens for the fifth time. There is nothing wrong with it if his father even smacks him while I am there. She informed the audience, “It is an eternal repair.

Despite the fact that marriage is a positive thing, McBrown also argued that women should be successful before entering the marriage market.

She claimed that choosing to establish her reputation before getting married was the best choice she has ever made.