King Promise bought me a Hisense phone – Lookalike

King Promise

King Promise’s impersonator has admitted that the musician ignored his request for an iPhone 12 and instead gave him a Hisense phone.

The Central Region-born doppelganger, whose true name is Richard, shared some facts in an exclusive conversation with Ghpage.

He claims that although he goes by Rovers GH, the King Promise junior moniker was given to him due to his strong similarity to the “Oh Yeah” hitmaker. He also claims that because he comes from a royal family, he feels at home with his new name.

He admitted that when he was a senior in high school in 2017, he first began to mimic King Promise.

He explained to King Promise how his phone was taken from a car and how this prevented him from using Tiktok to post fresh videos, leading him to come up with a scheme to purchase a new phone.

The initial step he took was to record himself holding a bible and pleading for a phone while on his knees, but it didn’t work. The objective was to do everything in his power to ensure King Promise gives him a phone.

He repeated the action, but this time he used the Quran, and it was successful for him.

King Promise responded to that video saying he was going to get him the phone so he shouldn’t worry.

Fast forward he received a phone from his team it wasn’t the iPhone 12 or 13 he requested and was expecting but rather a Hisense phone.

Though he wasn’t happy at first they explained to him that King Promise is the brand ambassador of Hisense and it wouldn’t nice for him to buy a different brand of the phone for him.