Moment Eno Barony made her female dancer to grind and twerk on a PRESEC student

Eno Barony

Rapper Eno Barony is once again making headlines, but this time for all the wrong reasons.

Rapper was scheduled to perform at the PRESEC LEGON Bonfire and Artist Night event yesterday, April 21, 2023.

She attacked the stage with a quartet of four chubby, curvaceous female dancers, who she typically performs with.

While the audience and Senior High School students were enjoying her performance, Eno Barony changed things up to offer an even more memorable and entertaining experience.

The “strongest” boy among the PRESEC lads was called out by Eno, who then forced him to stretch out on the dirty floor while wearing blinders.

While the child was still wearing his blindfold, one of Eno’s large and bulky female dancers on stage moved from the back, made a splint, leapt on him, and started to hump and reek on him.

While the boy was still on the floor, the dancer, who was wearing a short black skirt that revealed parts of her boy, bounced, twerked, and shook her ass on him. The throng shouted in ecstasy.