Nadia Buari allegedly seeking $1 million divorce settlement

Nadia Buari

Social media rumors imply that there are issues with Nadia Buari’s marriage, who is one of Ghana’s best actors.

A few days ago, the actress posted a picture of her spouse for the first time to social media with the remark, “God never claimed that the journey would be simple, but He did say that the arrival would be worthy. “Buttercakes for breakfast!”

Nadia Buari’s marriage, however, is allegedly on the verge of disintegrating, according to a source.

The insider claims that the actress’s husband and they are experiencing marital problems, and that he has even told her that he wants a divorce as a result.

According to the source, Nadia Buari wants $1 million from her husband as a settlement before she signs the divorce papers that have been sitting on her desk for some time.

This information was revealed after a netizen introduced her spouse and explained why Nadia always covered his tattoo with an emoji.