Used And Dumped – Social Media Reacts As Delay Snubs Amerado On His Birthday


Given the level of trolls on a daily basis, social media is definitely not for the week.

Amerado Burner, a Ghanaian rapper, recently celebrated his birthday. Amerado will turn one on February 14th, 2023, Valentine’s Day. However, the day passed quietly without anyone catching wind of it.

Delay, Amerado’s best friend, ignored him on his birthday.

Social media users were apparently watching the two personalities to see how they celebrated the day together, as well as the fact that it was Valentine’s Day.

But Delay refused to wish Amerado. That has sparked a controversy on social media.

I mean, on a normal day Delay won’t feel bad to post her friend Amerado.

In fact, they have been seen in a series of videos spending time together, but on such a special day, Delay snubbed him.

That has made social media users roasting Amerado. They claim sugar mummy is tired of paying.

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