Why women shouldn’t be angry if men cheat – Actress


Bella Ebinum, a Nollywood actress, claimed that men cheat by nature.

In fact, she has counseled women to avoid becoming upset or jealous when their husbands cheat on them with other women.

In a widely shared video, Bella claimed that despite having many wives, men would still have concubines in the “olden days.”

This video is for ladies, the actor declared on stage. Why do you become enraged and envious when your husband carries ladies, I don’t understand. The truth is that they are wired to deceive. Because they need to release, men must cheat, and if they are dependent on you, you can’t offer them everything.

“That is why in those days, our fathers get married to three wives even with concubines because they have to release. A woman can stay more than one year without having sex but a man cannot stay more than one year without having sex. He will have prostate cancer.”