‘You look like you’re about to take the trash out’ – Fashion critic descends on Agradaa


After posting some recent photos on social media, evangelist Patricia Asiedua, also known as Nana Agradaa, had her sense of style questioned.

Agradaa is well known for parading items of clothing, footwear, and luggage that she claims to have bought from prestigious luxury retailers like Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada, and others.

Nana Agradaa recently tweeted a photo of herself wearing a black and white outfit with Versace designs.She completed the appearance with a belt labeled “Gucci” and some shoes she said were from Balenciaga.

Charlie Dior, a well-known fashion critic, took notice of this and called the ensemble gaudy and false.

Charlie claimed that he searched the official websites of the luxury labels in search of the particular outfit that Agradaa wore, but there was no sign of it.

“I saw this look on Tik Tok and she is claiming this is what is usually worn when it rains in Ghana. She has a Versace on (screams), a Gucci belt, and a Balenciaga pair of shoes. I feel like some of these celebrities in Ghana have been printing their own name brands. Some of these brands they wear are not on their websites. I went to search for this outfit worn by Agradaa and it was nowhere to be found,” Charlie indicated on his YouTube channel.According to him, Agradaa in that particular fit looked as though she was about to dispose of rubbish.

This is a clear example of doing the most without doing anything at all (Points to Agradaa’s outfit). There are a lot of style mixtures without a thought and direction. Eii woman. This one is a huge lie. I hate the look. This is the look you wear to take the trash out,” he added.