10 Effective Sleeping Styles Every Couple Must Try!

10 Verified Romantic Sleeping Styles For Couples Across The Globe


Sleeping together is one of the intimate parts of a relationship, so the way partners sleep and cuddle can suppose that they are building up their union fervently or abysmally.


1. The Spoon :

In this position, both partners will face the same direction, one forming a little arched- spoon like posture on the inside with the other posing as the bigger spoon on the outside.

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2. The cradle :

This is known as the ‘nuzzle’, one partner lies on back, while the other rests head against partner’s chest.

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3. Paper Dolls :

The two partners lies on their backs beside each other, although, they maintain some sort of physical contact.

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4. Tetherball :

Partners who engage in this position allow each other his or her preferred sleeping stance but maintains physical touch.

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5. Heart-on-the-sleeve :

In such a position, a partner lies on back and the other places head on his or her partner’s shoulder. It’s a tender pose that may not last long due to mild bits of discomfort.

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6. The Tummy Nap :

As evident as it’s name sounds, this sleeping position means both partners will lie down on their tummies whiles they interact or sleep, creating individual space for each other.

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7. Let’s-Go-Tango:

In this sleeping position, both partners get tangled, although, it may not allow much breathing space, it creates a very special bond of closeness and connection.

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8. The Starfish :

This sleeping position is realized when one partner usually occupies one side of the bed, giving his or her significant other preferred space.

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9. The Over-body :

This allows a partner to lie flat on his or her back while the other rests entire torso on his or her body; this paves way for extra and face to face interaction, while preparing to sleep.

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10. The Over-head :

In this sleeping position, a partner sleeps on stomach, while his or her better half rests head on his or back, creating a sense of togetherness.

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