5 ways to find someone’s IP address on discord

Discord is a platform that is mostly preferred by gamers and developers.

And from the past years, it has been gaining even more users, well, the primary reason behind that is, Discord’s ability to provide someone’s IP address, it is quite cool, isn’t it? Finding someone’s IP address through Discord is not a big deal or tough task.

All you have to do is to create stores, the the users information, like IP address for the people who use it. Then, simple send that website’s link to your friend on Discord.

And then, when you or your friend opens that link, you can easily store the link in your database or you mail it to yourself. How To Create IP Address Catcher.

The first and topmost step to take is to creating an IP catcher. In this method, the user has to create a web application that catches the attention of the visitors. This way, if that app link is sent to someone via Discord.

Their IP address will be transferred automatically to the owner of that application. IP Grabber catches the IP Address of the user who clicks on the unique link and that link has been purposely set up to extract the IP Address. You can either use the above method and create your Discord IP Grabber extension or use any third party service for the scan.

For this, you should have a Discord by creating an account first. Note; the process for this method is quite technical, so if you are not tech savvy person, you can or you may have to look at the second method given below: create the web App , you must first get familiar with this useful app concept.

The first method is picking up the right appropriate frontend but since only the backend of this significant website, it is mostly the unchallenging and important part to consider, its frontend design won’t matter much or a lot.

  1. However, the backend is the most crucial part of this website, you need to include an App address grabber in its backend and the programme would have this method system works.


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