A 27-year-old man proudly shows off his 74-year-old girlfriend


A 27-year-old man was caught on camera flaunting his 74-year-old lover.

Devaughn Aubrey, who is only 27 years old, asserts that he used an adult hookup website in 2021 to meet Kathi Jenkins, the love of his life. Since then, the two have marketed their bond.

He has four children, thirteen grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandson with Jenkins, his 74-year-old girlfriend.

Devaughn admitted to the media during a press conference that Jenkins is the only person who has ever made him feel loved.

According to reports, he said;

“She gives me a sense of love. She tastes really good and sweet and gives me the impression that perhaps I do belong on this planet. She has a lot of jokes under her belt that lead you to believe you know what’s coming, but she always says something unexpected. She has a talent for making seemingly clean things appear dirty.

She has a lovely voice and is knowledgeable about many of the classic songs that make me think of the music and artists that my grandmother enjoyed. She has a very attractive face and a very lovely body, from her adorable little toes that wiggle around to her big, soft thighs to her wide, jiggly hips that cause her so much pain to her peculiar belly button that I love to play with, making them the best pair I have ever seen.

Devaughn is currently receiving harsh criticism on social media for dating a woman who is healthy enough to be his grandmother.

Many of them agree that he is only interested in the old woman’s money and is not as in love with her as he claims to be.


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