Agradaa will never know peace till 6-feet – Prophet Kumchacha curses


Nana Agradaa, who professes to be a born again Christian, will not experience true peace until she dies, according to Prophet Kumchacha.

Until recently, when Agradaa stated that she had changed to an Evangelist, Agradaa had a reputation as a powerful spiritual person who could aid anyone’s financial circumstances. Agradaa had a bad reputation before this.

Even after she claimed to have changed her ways, Kumchacha is certain that she is still a con artist who devises schemes to steal money from Ghanaians, always doing so under the guise of church tithe and giving.

In an interview with Okay FM, Prophet Kumchacha said that even if Nana Agraada stopped engaging in her deceitful ways, she would still suffer and experience the other side of life before her soul leaves her body.

He stated that this would be the case even if Nana Agraada stopped engaging in her deceitful ways.

According to him, in the same way that Paul in the Bible suffered and paid for all of his sins as Saul, Nana Agraada would pay for the sorrows she’s caused Ghanaians, particularly those she misled with her sika gari trickery.

He said this in the same way that Paul in the Bible suffered and paid for all of his sins as Saul.

Kumchacha provided support for his assertions by quoting a passage from the Bible, stressing even again that Agraada shall endure hardship.



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