Ahuofe Patri admits not completing the University of Cape Coast

Ahuofe Patri, a Ghanaian actress, has acknowledged that she did not finish her tertiary degree at the University of Cape Coast.

She said that she started a university program but was unable to finish it after the first year during an interview on Accra FM.

“I went and couldn’t complete it after my first year. What does it really change or affect? I am wondering why or how this question should be part of what we are discussing,” Ahuofe Patri said during the interview.

Ahuofe Patri disclosed, but she would not say why she was fired from the University of Cape Coast.

She answered simply, “I don’t want to talk about that,” when questioned about the matter.

This has sparked even more rumors regarding the events leading up to her departure from the university.

Some have conjectured that it might have been connected to disciplinary concerns, while some have indicated that it might have been because of academic factors.