Amerado pursues a political science degree with plans to be a statesman


Amerado, a singer from Ghana, intends to enter politics after finishing his undergraduate studies in political science at the University of Ghana, Legon.

The musician stated that he plans to become a statesman in the not-too-distant future in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz.

Amerado shared, “I don’t mind going into politics in the near future. If I feel it is right for me, why not? I believe music business works hand in hand with politics because, in both ventures, we are always working to convince people to become our core followers. Once I realise politics won’t hurt my music career, I will go into it.”


Amerado also intends to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration, a “branch” of Political Science, to enhance his knowledge and expertise in his music business.


“There are instances where contracts come in and my knowledge about that is very low, and I believe that will go a long way to help,” he explained.

While balancing his music career and academic pursuits can be challenging, Amerado is determined to succeed.

He stated, “It’s very tough, I must admit. There are times I go to lectures, and there is so much tension because it seems all eyeballs are on me. It is a totally new environment, but I just have to get used to it. It’s however been good so far. It is very hard, but with God on my side, I will try.”

The award-winning artiste mentioned that he sees life as demanding and embraces opportunities to try out new endeavours to avoid being idle.

“I just want to be doing something all the time so that in the future, I won’t have to rely on just one venture. It is challenging, but I am coping,” he added.