Cheddar: I Feed Two Tigers With A Whole Cow In 3 Days

The leader and founder of the New Force Movement from Ghana, Freedom Jacob Caesar, is said to own a  Zoo in his house that has in it Two fully grown Tigers among other mammals.

In a Live studio interactions on Hitz FM on April 10, 2024, the well known Ghanaian Businessman who is into Real Estate and other businesses revealed that he fed his two Tigers with a whole Cow within the space of three days.
Lamenting over the high cost of feeding to keep the animals, he said, “those animals are so valuable to me, and that is why I would go every extent to keep them, by feeding them well with adequate meat daily”
According to him, despite the oppositions from the public, he yet thanks his stars for his ability to manage the animals and care after them.
The popular Businessman, who is also known as Chedder stressed that, he is very much informed of the laws of the land regarding such ventures, and wouldn’t shorn that responsibility keeping the Tigers well. He is taking full care for the animals. He has created adequate facilities for their housing and is ensuring they are also well fed in order for them not to pose a newsance to the society.
Again, responding to a rumour that the two Tigers were taken away from him by the wildlife commission, he affirmed thus, ,”No one has taken the animals from me, and no one can ever think of that because “I have received approval from the wildlife commission to keep those Tigers in my house, and I have assumed full responsibility for their upkeep.