I Will Use Currency To Unite The African Continent – Says, Nana Kwame Bediako

The leader and founder of the New Force Movement, Nana Kwame Bediako, who is also known as Chedder, says he is working assiduously towards the unity of Africa, by using one currency to unite the whole of the African continent together when the time is due.

In an interview with Bola Ray on Star Chart, Chedder asserted that, after he is able to make mother Ghana win, he then will continue to champion the campaign for the betterment of all other African nations. He spoke in these words, “I strongly believe that, if I can first help mother Ghana to stand, all other African countries can do same.”

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He claimed that, he already has a template and a blue print that will aid him in rebuilding these African nations. Much as we know there are many African languages, identifying their uniqueness or semblance, and joining them together to learn and speak one language, either English or French will be good. And that I believe is the reason God sent to us the colonial masters.

He added that, in a giving situation where the currency of nations is a very powerful commodity, he is going to adopt one particular currency and use it to unite Africa. And this will be a currency that has value and does not fade or depreciate in the face of rough economies. That currency which will be patched with gold.