Delay and Amerado unfollow each other on social media after a ‘supposed’ breakup


Following an argument between the two behind closed doors, the rumored love affair between Delay, 40, and Amerado, 28, has abruptly come to an end.

The skilled rapper and the accomplished radio/TV presenter have apparently been dating for the past two years, despite the presenter’s repeated denials of the rumors in interviews.

Although Delay and Amerado frequently denied rumors that they were having an illicit relationship, they both enjoyed posting affectionate pictures of themselves on social media.

Sources claim that Delay and Amerado have stopped hanging out in addition to unfollowing one another.

Recall that Delay declined to publicly wish Amerado a happy birthday when he celebrated it last month.

Fans rapidly abandoned the internet discussions that were sparked by that since they believed there was no issue.

But it seems the issue is more significant than we realize. Delay and Amerado are no longer connected.