Efia Odo drags Kwesi Arthur once again after their break up

Efia Odo

Efia Odo, an actress and socialite, has once again turned to social media to make oblique jabs at ‘See No Evil’ hitmaker Kwesi Arthur because she still can’t get over the fact that he dumped her for another lady despite the fact that she was a hot chick.

Efia Odo had a thing for the rapper before their sudden breakup. She was always gushing over the musician on social media, particularly Twitter.

The lengthy messages of love and encouragement abruptly came to an end after Kwesi broke up with her for unspecified reasons.

Efia Odo has been making subtle comments at her ex-lover Kwesi ever since they broke up because she firmly believes that she was betrayed.

Efia Odo attempts to retaliate against Arthur in a recent video after making a tiktok video, which has drawn attention online and gotten conflicting responses.

In the video, Odo was given the option of speaking Chinese or dating a Sunday-born person (Kwesi), and she chose the latter.

One person on social media who seemed to be sick of Efia Odo’s ongoing criticism of Kwesi Arthur remarked;

?Kwaku Revloe oo s3 hwanhwanii koraa nam h) kwa na 3ny3 Kwesi…ahiaa did he eat,”