DJ Cuppy relocates from Nigeria to Dubai with fiance, Ryan

DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy, a disc jockey from Nigeria who is also the daughter of Femi Otedola, a billionaire, now resides in Dubai with her fiancé, Ryan Taylor.

Cuppy provided an explanation for her decision to relocate to the UAE after becoming engaged to Taylor in an interview posted on her YouTube channel.

The desire to rediscover herself in a new setting was one of the causes.
During the conversation, Cuppy said she enjoys spending time with her fiancé because she can be herself around him.

She said: “I’ve kind of relocated to Dubai, I’m engaged and my fiance lives in Dubai and so it’s been a really nice kind of break you know,” she said.

“So I got engaged in November, after two days. Because it was so quick, you get to know the person after. So, I was like where do you live? He was like in Dubai, I was like oh. So I’ve been back and forth.

“After I turned 30, I woke up, I was just like who am I outside Cuppy? Because I spent so many years building a brand and that’s why I also live in Dubai. I love living with my fiance because I get to be myself.”

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Precious SafeSpace: “The way cuppy smiles talking about him”

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