I won’t work with Guru for disrespecting my family- Kuame Eugene bares teeth

Kuame Eugene

In a recent interview, Kuame Eugene stated unequivocally that he won’t collaborate with rapper Guru.

When Kuame Eugene refused to work with Guru a few years ago, Guru aggressively insulted him, saying he has too much ego.

Guru made it obvious that he did not beg for the collaboration in the first place when the subject received attention on social media and a range of perspectives. He insisted that the main reason he had wanted to work with Kuami Eugene was because of his talent.

Guru went on to claim that Eugene’s manager Richie was to blame for the artist’s refusal to work with him because Richie was angered over Guru’s presence in the song Kasiebo by Obrafour, which mocked the Lynx owner and rapper Okyeame Kwame.

Richie claimed that Guru sued the incorrect channel in an attempt to gain access to his talent during an interview on Adom TV’s Fire for Fire with Countryman Songo. He asserts that everything he does must go through them since he is a member of the Lynx family, and he anticipates that the people in charge of his label will be treated with respect.

“Guru did not use the right channel. You want to feature me but you go to media houses to insult the man who made me. I wouldn’t have been Kuami Eugene but for Richie so I expect that respect is accorded him no matter the differences that exist. I am under Lynx Entertainment and any song I produce needs to go through them,” Richie had stated at that time.

Delay most recently urged Kuame Eugene to reconsider the situation, and Eugene responded that their friendship will end simply because Guru disregarded his family.

Eugene Kuami said, “He has a temper.” I wished the seasoned professionals in the field could have handled it on their own. The fact that Guru attacked Eugene’s neighbors is troubling.

“I didn’t have a problem with Guru, but now I do because he offended my family,” the speaker said. He used his time in the studio to make fun of me and another man who said he was my father. Guru is an adult, so I didn’t anticipate him to act that way,” Eugene remarked in a recent interview with Delay.