Do You Love High-Life? See Profiles Of Top 8 Highlife Musicians In Ghana

The heritage month is still ripe, as we recall our forefathers and the blood they spilled in efforts to get away from the grips of colonisation.

Since independence, Ghana has achieved a lot of feats, in all aspects, including music and other sectors, despite the numerous challenges.

As part of the wonderful activities,  put in place to mark the Ghana month, brings you a list of high-profile Ghanaian songsters, who have been on the road of melody, and have earned Ghana, the national and international recognitions it is enjoying today.

Here are a few tit-bits about the top 8 Ghanaian highlife pioneers of all time:ET Mensahs Mortal Remains To Return Home On Tuesday Politics n3xBzezy933EPM

1. E.T. Mensah : He is one of Ghana’s finest highlife products back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Some of his hit songs are, ‘All For You‘, ‘Ghana Freedom‘ , among others.

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2. Jerry Hansen : Being a highlife pioneer, as well, Jerry led the Ramblers International Band in the 1950’s to create hits like ‘Onua Pa Due‘, ‘Nyame Mbere‘, so on and so forth.

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3. Amakye Dede : He began his music career in 1973 with the Kumapem Royals led by Akwasi Ampofo Agyei, till he switched to Highlife in the 1980’s with hits like ‘Iron Boy‘, ‘Sufre Wo Nyame‘ and many more.


4. J.A. Adofo : Even though, he was a lotto worker, he was an active member of a singing group, called The City Boys Band, through which he was able to release his ‘Ankwanobi‘ track.

Daddy Lumba out with the new one titled Ofon Na Ɛdi Asɛm Fo M2ousVQCukbynM

5. Daddy Lumba : Formerly part of a duet singing group, with Nana Acheampong in Lumba Brothers Group, there was a split and Lumba began singing solo songs like ‘Abenwaha‘, ‘Ye ne wo sere kwa‘, ‘Men Sei Da‘ , among others.

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6. Paapa Yankson : According to research, he doubled as a producer and a songwriter which went a long way to produce dozen albums, of which ‘Tena Menky3n‘, ‘Show Your Love‘, and others, came into the limelight.

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7. A.B Crentsil : He was working as a professional electrician and an active instrumentalist with The El-Dorado, Sweet Tales, and Ahenfo singing bands. Some of his songs are, ‘Moses‘, ‘Angelina‘, ‘I Go Pay You Tomorrow‘.

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8. Gyedu Blay Ambolley : Some say he is the originator of Fante rap, Simigwado(sitting comfortably in my chair) Lord. Being in the know-how of playing musical instruments, Ambolley is loved by many for his funky and jazzed-up solos. He has ‘Walking Down The Street‘, ‘Frafranta‘, ‘Radomzo‘ and others to his credit.