Five Secrets About Ola Daniels You Need To Learn

Family Background :

The screen actress was born Olaedo Daniels on September 23 in the 1970s, in Obi Ngwa, Abia State. The versatile actress has eight siblings and was raised by strict Christian parents, hence her staunch belief in Christ.

Education :

Ola Daniels received basic education in Abia before pursuing a nursing degree, after which she took up a course at St. Authority, and later travelled to London to polish her nursing studies.

Career :

Multi-talented screen personality, Ola Daniels, is not only starring in a lot of Nollywood movies, but works as a politician, brand influencer, singer and a film producer.

Relationship Status :

Ola Daniels is legally married to an affluent political activist and business man called Hon. Prince Kalu Orji, and they are blessed with four children.

Net worth :

Judging from the bliss surrounding her successful earnings in the entertainment field, and active participation in politics, it is noted that Ola Daniels should be worth $300,000, with more exploits to achieve.