Florence Obinim Shocks Social media Users After Popping Up In With Nose Piercing And Contact Lens

Florence Obinim

Defo ma’am Florence Obinim has abandoned her profession. The gospel singer is now a high-class slay queen who focuses on how to dress glam and present a sexy appearance.

Social media users have been stunned by videos of Florence Obinim wearing a nose ring and contact lenses.

For a very long time, Florence Obinim was absent from the news. Her husband is said to have moved her and their children to Spain.

As a result, Florence Obinim has been “hiding” and hasn’t done anything to attract media attention like she and her husband have in the past. However, she has come back strong, slaying like never before.

In contact lenses and a nose ring, the lady of God appears to be wearing fine attire. She is shockingly seen preaching the gospel of God in a video.

Florence Obinim appears to have lost interest in her work as a gospel singer and pastor’s wife after taking such a long vacation, but she probably can’t bear the embarrassment of giving it up. How could a God-ordained preacher act in such a way? The internet is in disbelief!


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