Food delivery rider spotted showing off his Meek Mills skills with someone’s food

Since job scarcity in Ghana is still on the rise, Ghanaian employees are being entreated to be very cautious of how they attend to their customers and their employers due to unavailability of such expected opportunities in the system currently.

But what will motivate an employee who just delivers foods to customers to be bragging with the properties of the employer in these difficult moments? Well, that is not the thought of a young Ghanaian gentleman who has been recruited by Bolt food delivery company to be delivering parcels and packages to their loving and adorable customers for a token of appreciation.

Meek Mills has been in the news all over most especially, Ghana since he arrived from his American base after his video shots at the seat of government was revealed. This energetic but overzealous Ghanaian Bolt delivery rider, has been spotted showing off his riding skills in the same or a similar manner with the American singer and rapper, Meek Mills who arrived in the country recently for his musical activities after it was exposed to Ghanaian that the American rapper shot some of his music videos at the Flagstaff House, the seat of Ghana’s Presidency without any delay or obstruction. When the American rapper arrived at the shores of Ghana, he was seen riding the motor in a grand style whilst carrying a mystery at his back without any disclosure.

Meek Mills rode his bike as a certain amiable beauty was seen behind him on the motor while riding with skills to the administration of onward lookers after arriving in the country for his agenda. Due to what was done by Meek Mills which he used to hype his musical activities where he would go away and make huge colossal amounts of money for himself, this Bolt delivery rider was sent to deliver a packed and well labelled food to a certain lady who needs their services urgently, showing off on an expensive motor similar to that of Meek Mills while he was recorded in a viral video secretly by the lady who ordered for the food.

The viral video has since sparked reactions on social media platforms as some people only praised the delivery rider for marketing his company and himself due to his diligence.

Others are saying, the delivery rider should be chastised for delaying the lady who requested for his service while some objected to their views saying, the Bolt delivery rider has done nothing wrong since everything he had done, was just another way of marketing his company and himself whilst riding marvelously with skills, the manner in which Meek Mills also did it amazingly when he arrived in Ghana.


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