Ghanaian Songstress, Adina Thembi Had 16 Fibroids !– Check Out The Procedure She Used To Extract Them

Ghana has a lot of successful female musicians in the music industry. These women have pushed against all odds, gone through thick and thin and have reached their peaks.

One of these great female vocalists that have become renowned through hard work and determination is Adina Thembi.

According to her, the condition was detected by a cousin of her’s who is a nurse; asides this, she had always detected a bulge beneath her lower abdomen, even though she ate the right death and hit the gym frequently.

“I suspected I might have fibroid because I was always working out but to no avail. You will notice that I’d lose weight the way I wanted but only that part had a bit of the bulge.”

Recounting the success of her recovery to Elsie Lamar from GhanaWeb, Adina revealed that she was operated upon to remove the fibroids.

“I booked a surgery, had it and they ended up taking 16 fibroids out, some were big whiles others were small. I am happy they have been removed. I do go for regular checkups and the doctors say everything is okay. I pray it stays that way.” Adina added in the course of the interview.