Ghanaians drag and troll Harold Amenyah’s wife once again over her looks


A group of internet trolls have vowed to make fun of award-winning Ghanaian actor Harold Amenyah and his wife Irene whenever the chance arises, thus the couple has never experienced true tranquility.

The duo appeared at Kojo Soboh’s lavish birthday bash on the weekends, looking very lovely and elegant.

However, some online bullies have once again entered the fray to drag and harass Irene after discovering a brief video that was originally created and posted by Nkonkonsa.

These icy critics claim that she should choose haircuts that will make her face appear more attractive given the form of her face and nose because her current “cutting” doesn’t suit her.

Some concerned individuals have come to Irene’s defense and given the trolls a dosage of their own bitter medication while the trolls are hard at work performing their nasty work.

@Facebynessa for instance wrote – What exactly is wrong with this beautiful lady? Come on guys. Be a little bit sensitive kakraa. She’s absolutely gorgeous and she looks Devine. Most important thing is her husband chose her…period!!!!

Nanaa_Armah – Y’all throwing shades at her do not know they are disrespecting God.. he made human in his own image .. cyber bullying a fellow human?? I pity you all .. if only you know about the harm and consequences you inviting to your lives and homes