Ghanaians urge Asantewaa’s husband to divorce her


It’s clear that Asantewaa enjoys trending on the internet for negative reasons because I’ve yet to read a positive trending story about her, in contrast to her colleagues who try as hard as they can to avoid unnecessary public drama.

Tiktoker has sparked outrage on the internet yet again after sharing an intimate video with Ghanaian actor and producer Umar Krupp.

As seen in the viral video, Asantewaa (a married woman) was relaxing on a couch while Umar was on top of her, kissing her lips passionately as if they were lovers.

Netizens have expressed their displeasure with Asantewaa for kissing another man despite the fact that she is married.

This is not the first time Asantewaa has shared a video of this nature on the internet in order to gain clout and likes.

It was recently reported on the internet that she was dating a popular dancer named DanceGod Loyd and that she had an abortion after taking seed for him.

Not only that, but Asantewaa frequently posts videos of herself and her manager in inappropriate positions, which always raises eyebrows.

Surprisingly, she has never commented or reacted to the reports of cheating on her husband with these men creating room for the rumours to hold some sort of significance.

Social media users who have come across this fresh video of Asantewaa getting intimate with Umar have advised her husband to be very wary of the ways of his wife before it’s too late.

Some suggestions under the video are straightforward pieces of advice to Asantewaa’s husband to immediately divorce the socialite because she can get pregnant for another woman and pin it on his innocent self.