Actor Yaw Dabo has  apologized for “disrespecting” movie fans Yaw Dabo received a lot of criticism after saying that “lazy people watch movies for more than an hour.”

During an interview, the movie star made these remarks to Saddick Adams.

The actor claimed that people are lazy if they watch movies for even one hour.

Spending more than an hour watching a movie that won’t change your life demonstrates a lack of discipline, which he emphasized as one of the essential requirements for life success.

Yaw Dabo argues that because modern society is based on making money, it is not wise for people to waste their time on trivial pursuits.

Ghanaians flocked to the small actor as a result and slammed him for saying such things.

They say that Dabo shouldn’t have said those things, even though he knew it was the same path that made him famous and wealthy.

Where would he be now if he hadn’t seen the movie? He has apologized to Ghanaians in response to a number of insults directed at the movie actor.

Achipalgo confronted Yaw Dabo at the Kotoka International Airport and demanded that the Kumawood actor apologise to Ghanaians for a statement he made.

In the TikTok video, Yaw Dabo’s comments were deemed unacceptable by Archipalago, who also urged him to take responsibility for his actions.

He also emphasized how Dabo’s remarks would hurt his acting career.

Yaw Dabo acknowledged his error and expressed regret. He acknowledged that he was human and prone to error.

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