Heartbroken lady shares experience after visiting man for the first time at his house


Bamidele Nihin, a Nigerian woman, described her horrible experience after paying a man a first-time visit at his home.

The woman stated on her Twitter page, @nihiinn, that the man had treated her to a traditional home-cooked lunch that was inexpensive and simple to make.

He brought her one water sachet along with boiling white yam that was topped with palm oil.

He offered her the food when she arrived, but she refused it.

The heartbroken lady took a photo of the food and posted it on her timeline expressing her displeasure.

She wrote, “He offered me Yam and Oil with sachet water???”. However, reacting to her tweet, some netizens slammed her for taking a picture of the food she was served and posting it online to taunt the man.


See her post below: