How a family set up a man who has been preying on their 15years daughter

A man was allegedly set up by the family of a 15-year-old girl whom he has been preying on. He has now been nabbed by the family who best the hell out of him.

The family had apparently caught him with the minor, The man was humiliated in public after the family of the girl caught in their house with a condom.

The man is said to be friends with the girl’s father. He has been disturbing the little girl begging her to sleep with him in exchange of money.

The little told her father he set his friend up and humiliated him when he showed up at his house. He pretended to be his daughter chatted his friend up invited him to come over, she agreed to sleep with him and he showed up.


A young girl was being stalked by a man, who ended up texting her. She confided in her family, who found out about the man’s Apparently, the man has been stalking the young girl. They acted as if the girl invited him over and when he allegedly showed up with a condom, they saw him and beat him up mercilessly.

It’s a lesson to old guys out there looking for teenage girls to defile. Though what the girl’s family did is not good. They could have handed him over to the police instead of beating him up and videoed him. I hope this man Sue’s them for damages and get justice he deserves. No one should take laws into their hands. Who’s to be blamed the family, the girl & the man?

Video below;




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