Husband throws out wife and 3 kids after being questioned for coming home late


A woman and her three children gained sympathy online after her husband threw them out of his house for questioning him about his late arrival.

A heartbreaking video that has surfaced online shows how the married man heartlessly threw his wife and children outside in the middle of the night.

The woman was carrying her baby in the video, while her two older children stood and watched as their father threw their belongings away.

It has been gathered that the man threw his spouse and children out after his wife asked him why he came home late.

The heartbroken wife pleaded with him to give her the keys to the apartment and a jacket to cover the kids, but he paid deaf ears and later banged the door on them

The wife can be heard passionately pleading with her husband and saying;

“Give me my keys, give me my keys. Give me the god-damned jacket. Stop all that, give me my keys. You got a problem because I’m questioning you for coming home late. Give me my dam keys back. What!”

Social media users who feel sad for the poor woman and her kids have taken to the comment section to advise her to call the police on her husband.

Watch the video below: